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JF davis

Jf Davis is an is from the small town of Buxton, Maine. He decided at the age of 27 that something was missing in his life. He came to the conclusion that there was something in him that needed to get out. He would become an actor. With no formal training, he sold everything he owned and headed to Los Angeles to begin a journey. Even though he had no experience, he dove right in with no fea of failure, that was not an option. Within a year he had small roles in indie films and student films and eventually got his first feature film role as the Creator in “Wes Cravens New Nightmare”. This was followed up by his first speaking role in a television series, Penny Marshalls short lived series based on her popular film of the same name,”A League of Her Own”. On his 29th birthday after being in the business for just a year, Jf joined SAG and has never looked back. He was married 2 years later to his lovely wife Rosana and and they have 2 amazing boys. Since then Jf has continued on his journey appearing in films like Jon Woo’s “Windtalkers”, “American Assasin” and TV shows such as “The West Wing”, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Lethal Weapon” and the list goes on. Jf will make his directorial debut this year with his film “The Demons Within”.